Please take advantage of this quick and easy to use self-service checkout feature if you are simply seeking to have a select number of mystery shops done in the near future. Our team will execute the mystery shops as ordered using industry standard questionnaires without modifications. For current clients, customized questionnaires, other mystery shop types, other businesses, consistent programs, and frequency discounts, please contact our team by calling 603-223-0303 or by filling out a proposal request form.


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    Please explain WHERE (business name and full physical addresses) and WHEN (preferred days and hours) the mystery shops should occur. Please include the phone number for each location being mystery shopped. Please allow up to two weeks for the first mystery shops to be completed and provide at least TWO backup dates for any specific requested dates.




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  • Scope of Services: Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program (“Company”) will provide mystery shopping services to Client. Company will execute the mystery shops as outlined below:

    • Company will schedule shoppers for each shop. If all shops are not completed on a specific requested date, they will automatically carry over to the next available date. Client may request shops occur on specific dates as long as Client provides at least TWO backup dates for each requested date. Client is expected to keep Company informed of any changes in business schedule, closings, private functions, etc.
    • Company will not allow a shopper to complete more than one mystery shop at an individual location within a time frame of 90 days.
    • Company will review, edit, and approve all shop reports before they are made available to Client for quality assurance.
    • Completed shop reports will be available to Client online in a secure password protected area. Client may also receive shop reports by email, but should check the website periodically for any new shops in case spam filters or email issues prevent timely email receipt of reports. If a shop report is not received by Client in email, but is available in the online account, that shop is considered valid and billable.
    • Customized graphs are available online to help analyze and identify trends in cumulative data. Additional data analysis in Excel, summaries, and consulting on the data is not included.
    • To the extent Client requires that Company provide recorded telephone calls as a service to customers, these calls shall incur an additional cost of $1/minute for the recording.  In advance of providing these services, Client shall notify and obtain prior written consent from Client’s staff to record any and all telephone conversations recorded pursuant to the provisions of this agreement.  Client shall indemnify and hold Company harmless for any and all claims arising from the failure to obtain consent consistent with this paragraph and the laws of the applicable jurisdiction.   As Client, and not Company, is the party seeking the services set forth in this agreement, it is Client, and not Company, that bears any and all responsibility for any liability arising from the failure of Client to comply with the applicable jurisdiction’s law regarding recorded communications.
    • Pricing includes up to 3 required photos, with additional required photos incurring a higher cost per mystery shop.
    • Pricing for phone shops includes up to 7 attempts to reach the target, at which point the shop will be considered billable.

    Fees: Client must prepay for services with a credit card. Company pays each shopper a reimbursement fee for his or her shopper services and reports. Client is not responsible for additional fees or shopper reimbursement.

    Access Levels: Client retains full control of program schedule, templates, and data by paying Company directly for the service. If Client wishes to transfer payment responsibility to Franchise Owners, Client understands that Franchise Owners will need to sign a separate agreement with Company, will be considered their own Client, and will have authority over the schedule, templates, and data for their individual location(s).

    Quality Guarantee: Company agrees that if Client is not satisfied with the quality of any given shop report, a one-time replacement shop will be completed at the expense of Company. Client must alert Company that a report was found unsatisfactory within 10 days of shop submission. Client agrees that the quality guarantee feature is forfeited if account is not in good financial standing or if payment terms are not being met.

    Independent Contractor Status of Shoppers: Client understands and agrees that individuals contracted to perform mystery shops on behalf of Company are Independent Contractors and not employees of Company. Company is not responsible or liable for any actions taken by shoppers.

    Governing Law: This business relationship shall be subject to the jurisdiction and laws of the State of New Hampshire, where the Company headquarters is located. Mystery shop reports are designed to be used as trending, coaching, and training tools and are not to be used for performance evaluations or employment terminations. Company and shoppers are not liable for terminations that result from mystery shops.