About Us


In support of our vision to provide industry leading services to our clients and create a thriving mystery shopper community, we are thrilled to share the news of Goodwin Hospitality becoming 360 Intel.  



Eric Goodwin founded Goodwin Hospitality in 1999. Starting in the dish pit at his father’s restaurant as a 12 year old, Eric had spent his life in hospitality operations. Prior to starting Goodwin Hospitality, Eric was a Regional Director at Chili’s, a General Manager at the Common Man and an independent restaurant owner. Those positions led him to understand the many demands on operations, marketing and business leaders in the restaurant industry. His passion for personal connections and driving excellence in the industry was the focus of starting Goodwin Hospitality. Since then, Goodwin Hospitality has taken Eric’s expertise in food and beverage service across sectors to deliver services that excel operations and customer experiences for leaders across industries.


We offer a menu of high quality services to give our clients the tools they need to excel. Those tools include professional mystery shopper programs, customer surveys and feedback programs. We can help you drive operational excellence resulting in happier customers, higher revenues, and increased productivity. Our expertise and ability to build unique programs around the needs of our clients has led to consistent, nationwide growth over our long history.


We have delivered relevant tools with the highest level of service, technology and flexibility to the hospitality industry for many years. Our vision is to continue to stay on the cutting edge, never force our clients into a cookie-cutter mold and provide the kind of service that sets us apart from any other service partner.


A company goes through many evolutions and iterations throughout its lifetime. If it doesn’t, it is likely to become outdated, stale, and not able to keep up with customer needs. No industry is safe from transition – if you don’t evolve or innovate, you get left behind. As such, we are thrilled to announce that Goodwin Hospitality is evolving into two companies by spinning off its recruiting division into its own brand – Goodwin Recruiting. Recruiting has been a staple of our service offerings for almost 20 years, so check out more about this exciting news here