How to Dress For an Interview


Everyone knows the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” What you wear for an interview is important. Before you even begin speaking, the first thing a potential employer sees is your outfit. The professional attire you choose is a statement of how you want to be perceived by that future employer. Pick an outfit that you feel confident in. When going into an interview you want to think that you are going to get a job. Confidence is key.

Research the company and try to grasp a feel of their culture. Some offices wear suits and ties every day while others wear shorts and flip-flops. You do not want to feel out of place. The type of industry you are going into will play a part in your professional attire choice as well. For example, you are not going to wear shorts and flip-flops for a position in a law firm.

Present yourself neatly and pay attention to detail. This is your first impression with your future employer so it is okay to be a little more polished than the company’s dress code. People will never remember if you were overdressed, but they will always remember if you were underdressed. Stick to solid colors rather than loud obnoxious prints. 

Add personality to your professional attire and accessorize wisely. If you decide to bring a bag, choose a briefcase or handbag over a backpack. When choosing shoes make sure they look nice and are the appropriate heel height. An overcoat should also have a professional feel to it so it aligns with your overall presentation. Be conscious of nail color, makeup, hairstyle, and amount of cologne or perfume you wear so that none of these pieces are a distraction during the interview.

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