Seven Tips for Restaurants to Take Advantage of the Holiday Season


The holidays can be a crazy busy time for restaurants. However if entering the season unprepared, you might miss out on connecting with your customers or revenue opportunities. Here are seven ways you can be prepared and take advantage of the busy holiday season.

  1. Hours – You may want to open your doors a bit early or stay open later than usual during this time to capture early or late night holiday shoppers.
  2. Add additional staff during the holiday season.  No one wants to wait, especially during this stressful time of the year.  Take advantage of former employees, possible college students that may be home for the holidays.
  3. Start your holiday promotions in November!  You also want to make sure that people know about your specials so spending some extra money or time on advertising during this time is never a bad thing.
  4. Contact last year’s guests and companies that used your restaurants to host holiday parties.  Repeat customers are essential to continued success.  You can also offer special menu pricing to groups that return year after year.
  5. Gift cards! Make it easy for the average consumer to shop and give gifts. It is a good idea to add a bonus card or give-back to your customers who are purchasing gift cards.
  6. Work your floor and thank your guests for their business!  Make those connections with your guests, wish them a happy holiday season, and ensure they have a great time so they return when business is a little slower.
  7. Take care of your staff!  Your employees are missing time with their friends and family as well and a happy employee translates into happy customers.  This is a good time of the year to run contests, have potlucks or provide food for longer shifts.  Any way that you can show appreciation will be reciprocated 10x!