Goodwin Hospitality Announces Goodwin Recruiting


A company goes through many evolutions and iterations throughout its lifetime. If it doesn’t, it is likely to become outdated, stale, and not able to keep up with customer needs. No industry is safe from transition – if you don’t evolve or innovate, you get left behind.

As such, we are thrilled to announce that Goodwin Hospitality is evolving into two companies by spinning off its recruiting division into its own brand – Goodwin Recruiting. Recruiting has been a staple of our service offerings for almost 20 years, and is expanding to include specialties in:

·     Executive and Corporate

·     Hotel and Restaurant

·     Finance and Accounting

·     Medical and Healthcare

·     Manufacturing and Engineering

Goodwin Hospitality will continue to provide mystery shopper programs and customer experience management services, and will continue under the same name – for now. Goodwin Hospitality has many exciting changes coming in 2018, so follow us and stay tuned for news to come!

Check out the press release here.

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