New Guide: 5 Ways a Mystery Shopper Program Improves the Guest Experience


Most restaurant operators are familiar with the concept of a mystery shopper; people who visit a restaurant and fill out a report based on their experience. It’s a concept that’s been around nearly as long as the restaurant business itself.

But while most hospitality businesses are aware of what a mystery shopper is, they aren’t aware of the benefits a comprehensive program can provide. Launching a mystery shopper program can reveal much more about an operation than service times and if food was prepared as ordered.

And simply having the operator’s cousin drop in from time to check in on what’s happening or to see how a complaint is handled isn’t enough. The people who conduct those mystery shopper visits are most effective when they know what to look for and what the standards are for the brands they visit.

In partnership with and, we have outlined in this paper the five ways a mystery shopper program can be used to improve the guest experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and higher profits. Download this new guide today to be on your way to a better guest experience.