Client Testimonials

Wesco, a group of 52 C-Stores and 7 Subways, began utilizing Goodwin Hospitality in April of 2014.  Goodwin provides Wesco with a shopping program for the C-Store Associates, Subway Associates, and Food Service Associates.  We also utilize Goodwin for Alcohol and Tobacco Shops.  Wesco developed their shopping forms and provides updates to the forms to Goodwin as needed.  The response for making the changes is most often in a day or two.  The shops are conducted monthly at each location.  The shoppers that conduct the shops do a good job.  If we do have opportunities with a shop, Goodwin is quick to correct.  If we request to have a shop redone and share the whys with Goodwin the shop is redone.  Having a contact at Goodwin has worked well for us.  We also have a local manager who is able to help when questions arise.  Having reporting put together and shared with us has been an added value to the overall program.  Wesco is also utilizing Goodwin to process our in-house compliance shops.  Goodwin Hospitality is a good partner and we are happy with their performance.

“Celebration! Cinema uses the Mystery Shopper program to give us a snapshot of the service we are providing our guests. This program allows company leaders and each of our General Managers to see their locations strengths and weakness. When weakness trends are revealed, we are able to take steps to make changes and to address the problems almost immediately. Likewise, our leadership is able to recognize our strengths and appreciate individual cast members who provide excellent service! Guest Service is the heartbeat of our business, and the Mystery Shopper Program keeps our finger on that pulse. Speaking of guest service, we have received nothing but world class service from our representatives at CustomerProphet! I’m sure they have many clients, but their attention to us makes us feel like WE are the most important!”

I have received nothing but exceptional service from Goodwin. The prominent level of time and care put into each search is apparent from the moment I let it be known that we have a need in an area. They take the time to truly understand our company/positions offered in order to find the perfect candidates for the job. I have dealt with other recruiting companies in the past, and the service I get from Goodwin is amazing! The communication I receive from them is unmatched. When I initially spoke to the company I was a bit apprehensive due to the experiences I have had with other recruiters. My Goodwin recruiter has been able to prove fairly quickly that I wasn’t going to get some run-of-the-mill candidates and that he was actually taking the time to screen people and get to know them and their management skillset. I am overly pleased and impressed with the dedication he has for both Raising Cane’s and Goodwin Hospitality.

We have had the pleasure of partnering with Goodwin Hospitality for mystery shop and auditing services for the past two years.  The professionalism, responsiveness and service from Goodwin has been top-notch and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for reliable, trustworthy mystery shops and user-friendly auditing software.

We have used other secret shopper services in the past, but have been very happy that we switched to Goodwin Hospitality.  They have been great to work with from the start and their ongoing support has exceeded our expectations.  They have been helpful in setting up customized surveys for the shoppers to fill out.  Shopping at a coffee shop is an easy sell, but the shoppers consistently give us valuable feedback that we can share with the stores and ensure that all of our customers receive excellent customer service and great specialty drinks across the entire system.


We’ve partnered with Goodwin Hospitality on several of our searches. They’re a strong partner – thorough, great communication, and quality candidates. They team is a real pleasure to work with. Although their website is F&B centric, they have a niche with executive level hotel management positions as well.

By utilizing the Goodwin Hospitality Field Audit Service, our inspection time has been reduced by about 33%. Prior to the app, we spent 15-20 minutes preparing necessary reports for each store audit, as well as an hour and a half to fill out the reports and e-mail to the store owner. With the app, our pre-and-post work has effectively been eliminated. No more multiple paper reports! Now, all I have to bring to the inspection are my tablet and my tools and equipment. When the inspection is complete, I hit submit and get immediate calculations. The owner is notified within minutes. Also, since we use weighted measures for the various areas of the store, it is extremely helpful to be able to customize each question in each section to carry the appropriate weight! The owners definitely prefer the ability to analyze their reports to see what areas of the store need attention. The reporting is both informative and easy to read and understand. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the capabilities of the Field Audit App!

Goodwin Hospitality has been great to work with, and most importantly got results. On the first search they completed for us, they took over for two experienced agencies that failed to deliver. They found the final candidate in an unlikely place, but he was ideally suited for the position. We look forward to working with Goodwin Hospitality on future needs that arise.

We began using Goodwin Hospitality as secret shoppers in early Spring 2016. Goodwin Hospitality’s mystery shopper program has helped us pin point specific deficiencies our customers were experiencing.  With this information we were able to train and address issues that were important to our Brand and thus elevating the customer experience.  Since the start we have seen our scores increase through the specific areas we deemed important to our customers and we have heard from them that they have seen marked improvement.  This system took the subjective opinions out and gave us real customer feedback and we love it.

What we really appreciate about the Goodwin Hospitality store audit app is the “real time” look at the store and the ability to do away with the “gray areas”.  The ability to import pictures takes any bias out of the equation.  Our Senior Staff enjoys the immediate reporting rather than waiting for a written or verbal report hours or days later.  The team at Goodwin Hospitality has been great from the start with immediate answers to questions and the ongoing support is tremendous.  The store audits are infinitely customizable and the team at Goodwin Hospitality has been a joy to work with.

Our desire to have great food and service is not enough. We train for it daily and needed the ability to measure it in some way. Using the Mystery Shopper Program has improved our service and effectively completed our desired 360 degree comprehensive training and evaluation program. We use the information on each mystery shop as a tool to ask for, and receive, better performance from our staff. Our employees actually like the feedback as they are recognized for a job well done. The results of the program are great service and a much better Flatbread experience than before the mystery shops. Thank you Goodwin Hospitality!

It has been a pleasure working with Goodwin Hospitality. They have worked very hard to get to know and understand our company and recruiting needs. We met with them and I was impressed with their attentiveness to our goals, needs, and strategies as we continue to grow and prosper. We have had some very successful matches over the past few years and we look forward to a continued successful partnership with Goodwin Hospitality!

The team at Goodwin Hospitality does a great job looking for and presenting the best candidates based on your business needs. They take the time to learn about your operation, then use this knowledge to identify and present candidates that meet your qualifications. Margaritas and Goodwin Hospitality have a successful partnership that has resulted in some great management hires.

We have been working with Goodwin Hospitality for several years. They have proven time and time again to be an honest and hard working partners’ by providing us with the best candidates our industry has to offer.

We are extremely pleased with the Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program which has easily integrated into our Customer Service Training due to the flexibility and adaptability of their services. Everyone at Goodwin has been great to work with!

Goodwin Hospitality has been a key partner for Burger Lounge in elevating our store level food and guest service execution. We have been satisfied users of their mystery shopper program for many years and recently rolled out their hosted QSC audit to our operational support team.  Goodwin’s strongly integrated platform of tools and reporting allow us to quickly identify how to best deploy our internal support resources.

Robeks has been utilizing the Mystery Shopper Program from Goodwin Hospitality since 2010. The program provides us with valuable, unbiased feedback regarding our customer service and operations. In January of 2014, we began work on developing our audit program by utilizing Goodwin Hospitality’s new mobile app platform. This program, which has now been rolled across our system, is a huge success. The audit app provides a detailed overview of every aspect of our operations. The data is submitted and processed in real time, providing immediate results that are automatically sent to each stakeholder. Our Client Services Manager is an absolute pleasure to work with, is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive to our needs. I would highly recommend these programs to any organization in the hospitality industry. Both programs rate an A plus.

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the incredible service and relationship you’ve provided our company.  We’ve been using your Mystery Shopper program for many months and are thrilled with the qualitative results and details given in the Mystery Shopper Reports.  We rely on your service so much that our manager bonus structure is based on the results of your Mystery Shopping reports.  The customer service from our account manager is outstanding and we look forward to continuing to use your service for many years to come.

We have seen nothing but great results from our partnership with Goodwin Hospitality. The team they have in place has always made us feel like family, and their support and response time is outstanding. We have evolved our shop program dozens of times over the years, and our representatives at Goodwin have had changes made and secret shoppers implemented at the drop of the hat. If you like a devoted team, great results and fantastic feedback, these are your guys and gals.

Atomic Wings has been using Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program for several months now. It has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and flexibility to meet our specific needs. Our units’ operations have steadily improved with the objective and useful feedback provided since the program’s inception. This program makes our operational support much more efficient and nimble, and for that we are extremely grateful. The cost benefit factor is pretty much unbeatable. I wish I would have started using them years ago, but at least I can use them for years to come.

For me agencies were always an “annoyance” and many still are. They always want to “sell” me on what they do different and then they go into a long speech saying the same thing the last agency said. I don’t have time and I don’t need to be sold. For me, the key is to be viewed as a partner and as a person that will deliver results – not “an agency”. Your team is exactly what I’m talking about. They don’t waste time and don’t have to “sell me”. They just do it and deliver. They don’t need a long laundry list of direction. They take a little feedback and then find the right candidate. That’s a partner! They get me what I need with the right candidates. Everyone at Goodwin is polite, professional, and to the point…and works hard and all hours! They get my business and always will. Thank you for the partnership!

Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program has improved our level of customer service, quality control, as well as overall experience for our clients. It has shown us all areas that need additional development and gives us insight to what is working through our training programs and ensuring our focus is directed properly. Without this valuable tool, consistency could suffer as well as continued growth contributing to building a strong customer base. Having true unbiased feedback is invaluable for our success and keeping the integrity of our priority which is hospitality.

As the Director of Recruiting for Specialty Restaurants Corporation, I have partnered with the team at Goodwin Hospitality for the past 3 ½ years. I have found them to be an excellent resource for recruiting qualified individuals in the hospitality industry. Regardless of where your needs are geographically, they are able to produce high quality candidates for consideration. I work with one individual at Goodwin Hospitality and he is able to source candidates all over the country utilizing their extensive network of recruiters.

Working with the team at Goodwin Hospitality has been a collaborative effort to build a mystery shop program that helps support our company’s standards and vision across our enterprise. They have been very accommodating and listened when we discussed our needs as a franchisor and also what we wanted the program to deliver to our franchise partners. The amount of detail and ease of access to the data through the reporting tools provide us with a clear picture of service trends and operational opportunities that are impacting a single store or the entire system. Every shop report and the insight it provides are great tools to communicate feedback about excellent performance and address areas of opportunity across all levels of our system. I appreciate the support Goodwin Hospitality has provided and the value add it delivers to our company.

We have had a great working relationship with the team of Goodwin Hospitality for many years.  Goodwin Hospitality presents quality candidates for our restaurants at all levels of experience.  The candidates are qualified and are also given an accurate snapshot of the Doherty company history, opportunities available, and the company culture.  It has been a pleasure to work with this company in assisting us in sourcing great candidates!

Your team has been nothing short of amazing to work with. We appreciate their passion and already feel like they truly care about the success of Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

Working with Goodwin Hospitality has been great! The team does a wonderful job presenting candidates well-suited for Corner Bakery Cafe. They take the extra time to not only thoroughly interview the candidates, but to also review our compensation and benefits packages, our expectations and culture. By doing this, Goodwin Hospitality provides me the opportunity to focus in on my specific interview questions – making the process extremely thorough. Thank you.

Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program has provided our concepts with an invaluable insight to our areas of improvement. Their staff has gone above and beyond to deliver top rate service and responds with urgency to any request. The detail and flexibility of the reporting tools allow us to manage our program and provide up-to-date monitoring of our results. I would recommend Goodwin Hospitality to any organization looking to improve bottom line results by monitoring day-to-day operations.

Goodwin Hospitality provided our company with a platform that proved to be one of the best teaching tools for our employees that we have ever implemented. It encouraged our employees to improve in every facet of their job by providing great feedback to build on. It also rewarded those employees who were already performing at a high level with a confirmation of their great effort. We will definitely be utilizing their services in the years to come.

Goodwin Hospitality has provided a great way to monitor and keep track of the overall performance in my restaurants. I use it at all four locations and it has helped identify the areas each location excels in, as well as what areas need more improvement. The Goodwin staff is extremely accommodating and helps tailor the reports to be an accurate representation of what we expect from our staff. It has been wonderful tracking the progress of each of the restaurants through their easy to navigate online services.

Goodwin Hospitality is an organization comprised of caring and committed professionals who take a sincere approach with every client, and provide multiple services under one umbrella to help strengthen the partnership and deepen the impact. The well-rounded platform of services includes recruiting support, mystery shopping, exit interviews, guest satisfaction surveys and cutting-edge field audit technology. Kelley Jones Hospitality proudly recommends a partnership with Goodwin Hospitality based on our own experiences interacting with their team, and our knowledge of the integrity of their services.