Goodwin Hospitality offers the highest level, most user-friendly web based reporting platform in the industry. It allows our clients to easily access and manage all of the data we store for them.

View the video below for an overview of our reporting platform.

Need an easy way to make your data actionable to your team?  Check out below what the Team Action Module can do for you.

Goodwin Hospitality’s reporting platform provides our clients with:

  • Easy access to any and all data accumulated with Goodwin Hospitality
  • Consistent reporting for all services including mystery shopping, mobile field audits, guest surveys and more.
  • Different access levels based on your organization’s hierarchy
  • Complete customizability for each user to ensure that all reports they view are relevant and appropriate for their position.
  • Simultaneous email delivery of all completed reports for all of our services.
  • The highest level of encryption and online security.
  • No additional fees for customizing your platform, unlimited access, number of users or anything else!


Want a little more? Download our one page datasheet with additional details on how our reporting platform makes your Mystery Shopper Program more effective.